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Disability  Equipment  Advisor
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The UK's leading supplier of emergency stairway evacuation mobility products, stair climbers and evacuation chairs for disabled users

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The Disability equipment Advisor website is a diversity and inclusion venture for Access and Evacu8 ltd.

Please note, this website is still being developed. We apologise for any temporary omissions. If you have any concerns please contact us.

For additional information please see the disability equipment Advisor info email address below..

Advice & Information  

Impartial advice for Businesses, product  users & Facility management professionals

We work reviewing products and services for use by disabled people and businesses. Our aim is to make society more inclusive with the best and the right equipment or aids. We want you to make the best decision possible from our testing, users feed back and businesses reports on suitability for their needs.

All products are independently tested and we encourage ‘trip advisor’ type user feedback that is moderated for authenticity to help you choose what's right for you.

Find out which products suit your needs...

  How we provide independent advice & The information in this website is:

  • Independent: written and reviewed by continence health professionals and users of Disability equipment, aids and products.
  • Evidence-based: where possible content is based on evidence (or expert opinion if evidence is lacking) with references to sources.
  • focuses on product designs and types with reference to branded products except when users express anonymity.
  • International: linked to information in different countries for local advice on product availability, guidelines and regulations.

Equipment & Aids

There are many thousands of individual product brands available to help disabled people, businesses and operators. Manufacturers regularly make changes to their brands and so it would be impossible to provide up to date information about all of them as it would quickly be out of date. However, most products fall into one of a few groups of product according to the type of issue they are designed to help. This website provides general information about products within these groups; this is possible because the groups of products tend not to change very often and the information is longer lasting