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Disability  Equipment  Advisor
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The Disability equipment Advisor will help you:

Decide what’s important when making decisions about which products would best suit your needs

Think about the features of available products so you can choose those which suit you best

Find one or more appropriate products that may be suitable for you

choose products based on the best currently available research.

The Disability equipment Advisor will not help you:

For information about product availability where you are, click on Product link (leaves this site and opens equipment companies site

“Buy  once  with  Confidence Save time & money”
Make the right  informed choices

How to use the Disability Equipment Advisor

The disability equipment Advisor is intended to be as helpful as possible. There is a great deal of information in the many sections so you are advised to look through the whole site to make sure you don't miss anything relevant for you. The website is divided into a number of sections set out in the tabs at the top of each page with corresponding boxes (with pictures) at the bottom of the page. There are links to click on throughout the site to take you to related sections.

There are two main sections:

Throughout the website you will find lots of different functions; for example:

Pop-up synonyms and definitions: Hover over a technical word to get synonyms and click on the word to get a definition.

References: Click on the small numbers in the text for the research reference and click on the reference to be taken via Google to the publication. Please note, references about products which cannot currently be purchased (either they are still experimental or have been discontinued) can be found in the full list but not the main text.

Links: Click on links throughout the text to move between relevant sections.

Print outs: Pages can be printed out by clicking on the print icon.

Images: Pictures are used throughout the text to illustrate products. Move your cursor over some of the images to see close up detail.

Who are we?

The Continence Product Advisor website project is led by:

Access and Evacu8 ltd. 5 accredited members of the National Register of Access Consultants

The Disability equipment Advisor website project development team are:

Deaf Active, Merseyside Disability Federation (awaiting confirmation)SThe website content is based on the International Consultation on Incontinence chapter 'Ma


Every attempt has been made to provide generic information about products. Although it may be possible to identify a specific brand of product, particularly where few exist within a group or a product has a very distinctive design, it is not our deliberate intention to enable identification of brands or provide a marketing platform. The disability equipment Advisor website intends to provide impartial information about product groups and characteristics of products within those groups; it does not recommend one brand of product over another.

Photographs and Images

The website contains photographic images of a range of products within each of the main product groups. It is not the intention to include images of all available products.

The website is an ongoing project and some areas have yet to be completed. The site content will be periodically reviewed and we look forward to constructive feedback from our visitors. (Link to feed back form)

How the Disability Equipment Advisor can help